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Do you like the feeling of electronic music but don’t like its repetative movements intended for drug fueled dancing? Do you like rock but wish it focused less on being loud and more on soundscapes? Then push play on these bands. You won’t be disappointed.

Žagar This Hungarian Psychedelic/Jazz/Atmospheric/Rock/Awesome band is one to keep an eye on. They always have something going on. Their style is the perfect hybrid of the electronic feel and drive with the beauty of rock and jazz melodies and analog production. The band has a long list of filmography credits and you can really hear it. Wait until the horns come in at around 2 mins. Forget goosebumps. It’s all about the nipple hardening.

Indigo Sun They are my most recent find and my most favorite at the moment. They’re a jazz fusion band disguised behind electronic productions. Definitely worth checking out.

Stateless Such a wonderfully emotional song. Builds up just enough to lock you in. This London based band started out as your generic rock band but they embraced the idea of adding more electronic elements after meeting DJ Kidkanevil at a hip hop show in Leeds. They have two albums out right now on Spotify.

The best part of this Swedish four-piece group, Wintergatan, is that they aren’t electronic at all. There are no samples. Instead they play a range of homemade and unorthodox instruments along with some more conventional ones to create a foreign yet familiarized sound. The lead here is the accordion and oh boy has one never sounded better.
Their popular track Sommarfågel was featured as our Song of the Day back in July.

Jaga Jazzist has been around since the 90’s but have been the forefront of the new age of jazz. These Norwegians take jazz whole heartedly and incorporate every genre and instrument they can come up with. Every song is a new experience. They’re not for everyone but if you enjoy driving beats and head spinning melodies they might be for you.

Incubus okay so they’ve been around for a while and for all intents and purposes, they suck now. Since the line-up changes and their increasingly mainstream standings they haven’t been the same.
If you’re looking for a rocking band that throws in ample amounts of electronic sections they’re a good band to start with. Their earlier work; eg. their first album: Fungus Among Us, is my favorite which resembled the beginning of funk metal but they’ve toned down and tuned out since that work of perfection.

You can check out these bands and some of their other songs on this nifty little playlist I created for all you. I know, I’m awesome, but keep it in your pants you perverts.

Oh praise be to the glory of the internet. The experimental Swedish band Wintergatan released their debut record back in April and thanks to the wondrous facebook it has made it’s way to my ears. Oh happy day, little ones. I may now bestow their beauty unto you!

Where do I even begin? I would love to comment on their instrument choice for this song but if you glance at their website they show what they’re actually working with. An array of tables (very conspicuously spelling out Wintergatan) covered in various string instruments, keyboards, hand drums, toys, and is possibly home to a small army of musical gnomes.

One of the most striking things about Wintergatan is their use of the accordion. In my opinion it is one of the most underrated, misunderstood, audibly pleasing instruments to exist. Many just associate the instrument with lonely streets of Paris, a sole accordion player serenading a mime as it jerks off in a back alley. White makeup dripping from it’s face with each tear…. At least that’s what I picture…. To each their own….

Wintergatan brings the instrument to new light using it as their lead instrument. On this particular song it suits to be called a vocal line. Be sure to tune in on their layering, theres always something interesting going on underneath every line.

Their whole album deserves a good thorough listen to so be sure to check them out on their bandcamp account or listen from down below.

They are also featured on Spotify.