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Taking the lead from the original Macklemore and Ryan Lewis production promoting same sex relationships; rapper Raykeea Angel Wilson a.k.a. Angel Haze takes up the mic with grammy winner Macklemore, to add some personalization with a first hand account. Her words hit almost as hard as her flow.

She speaks from the heart revealing the unnecessary pain she endured coming to terms with herself. Focusing on the recoil she received from those she believed were closest to her.

It’s all love in the end and this song shows you should never hide who you are or who you love.

It’s love and it’s selfless
It’s yours and everybody else’s
So don’t badger and abuse the solemnly defenseless
See us as yourself, there’s no equality in difference
Until we all get it, we’ll be drowning in the same blood
Despite orientation, we all feel the same love

This track was featured on Upworthy this week.

Be sure to check out her album Dirty Gold available now on Spotify.

Everyone loves a great performance by his or her favorite artists; no really, it is true! Hundreds of thousands rush to Ozzfest, Warped Tour, and the like to see their bands tear it up each year, and each year the talent is up to par, or least they are supposed to be. Standing in a sea of people all day waiting for the headliner can become quite a chore when you have to endure horrible support bands…and if the headliners let you down, you would be ready to flip a table. Not all musicians have the stage chops to carry a crowd through a set. However, their god awful on stage performance should not leave you to with the thought that they are god awful musicians overall…wait, let me finish Kanye.

Events like American R&B diva Beyonce’s lip-syncing the American National Anthem and last month’s air guitar scandal at Super Bowl XLVIII leave many with a salty taste in their mouths concerning musical performances. Cynics across the interweb’s social sphere drew the conclusion that the days of live pop performances are over. Fans found themselves doubting the ability of their favorite artists, and others merely chalked it up to the decline of talent in the modern day music industry. Oh ye of little faith. Fret not; you can still enjoy great performances while cherishing the talent behind what you see.

Rock out...hard!

Rock out…hard!

A typical musical act’s purpose is to present a combination of musicianship and showmanship that is as infectious, magnetic, and powerful as possible. In a controlled environment like the studio, focusing such raw unrestricted energy can prove to be a challenge. Modern day tricks like ‘elastic audio’ can fix stray grooves, and auto-tune rules the modern day recording vocalist music, but nothing beats a solid take or two. Reduced labor, computer processing, and the amount of coffee needed for endless nights of editing are benefits of having “one take Jakes” in the studio. Nevertheless, a hybrid will get the job done, and earn a healthier living than the other two one trick ponies.

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Our progressive brethren from the far off exotic region of Canadia has graced us with a new track from their upcoming album Volition which will be released later this year, October 28th.

It seems they have gone more for a catchy sound. Capitalizing on the two influences that single them out in the prog world, power metal and punk, the band revel’s in their sound without offering too much of anything new. Which can be jeopardizing for a genre that demands constant originality. We’ll just have to see how the whole album will unfold. You can expect a review once it is released. What I can tell is that it will be one seriously epic release and will certainly stand out in their collection.

Chris Adler of Lamb of God is on this track but if I hadn’t known before, I wouldn’t believe you. The snare is still very ‘protesty’ and his fills aren’t what I’m used to hearing with LoG. Which may be exactly what they wanted. I guess I still wanted to hear Adler tear shit up with technical lines on top. Which we will again, have to see in October.

Sorry internet! It has been a while since I have posted anything, I’ve been distracted with life and writing a full feature article on Spotify, it should be done in about a week or so.

This woman came into my ears a few months ago and seriously shook things up. Not only is she a gorgeous Belgian white girl who can sing soul and reggae like the greats but she is also an extremely talented songwriter. Her self-titled debut album features all music that she has written herself as a teenager. At just sixteen she produced a demo and was offered a recording deal with Universal Records but declined citing that she only wanted to record her own music, giving up immense fame for her passion of expression. Luckily she didn’t have to give it up for too long thanks to the wonders of the internet! Selah, or Sanne Putsey, had always uploaded her music to her Myspace account and with the help of some devoted fans created a huge amount of buzz which attracted the attention of Euro R&B artists Patrice and Nneka on the independent Because Music label.

During the recording process Cee-Lo Green was asked to do a duet with her on the song “Please” and also featured it on his own album (but then later removed). She got the chance to perform in front of thousands when Prince (or whatever he refers to himself these days) asked Selah to be a supporting act for his tour in Belgium. In just a few years she went from being a quiet bedroom singer to an international phenomenon.

“This World” is my favorite track on the album. That smooth bass line matched with her airy singing… whew… I’m getting hot and heavy just thinking about it! But, I’m obviously not the only one because the single went platinum this year. Her song “Ragamuffin” is her earliest work, writing it in high school, was her first single and has been viewed over 12  million times on Youtube. Selah explains that the song symbolizes her and all of her sides. “It shows my soulful and singing side, but also my hard side, between rap and ragga”. You can hear her doing some “toasting” (dancehall/reggae style of singing) which most people -mainly… white people- would never attempt, let alone record it, and she’s damn good at it I must say. Much better than Jamaican Eek-a-mouse…..

Looking like the more petite and curvier Amy Winehouse (no doubt healthier and more sober as well) and having a similarly impressive vocal prowess she shatters the rigid pop barriers like no one has done before. She’s even performed with punk rock band Triggerfinger and rocked the house with her unique voice. She’s proven many times over that she shines no matter what stage, genre, or band she is in.

You can listen to her entire album on Spotify but she also has her music available on Soundcloud and

First post to song of the day! Tauk showcases what they do best: Writing music to get caught on repeat in your head. Starting off with a slow psychedelic intro and building up to that super epic and catchy melody in an addicting loop.

This is off of the local NYC based band Tauk’s second release Homunculus (latin for: ‘Little Man’) and boy has it gotten the attention of some big names. Working with engineer Dave Natale (Rolling Stones, Eagles, Tina Turner, Rancid) and producer Robert Carranza (The Mars Volta, Jack Johnson, Ozomatli) together made big ideas into big sound. The band seems to be on the touring circuit and I am told is looking for a vocalist to really tie the band together. Even if that never happens I am looking forward to further releases and hopefully catch them live for what would be quite an impressive show.

This track, album, and their EP Pull Factors is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.
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