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Head over to to hear the new track from A Perfect Circle, just released today.

I’m on my third listen and I’m seriously impressed. It’s a reminder of both the dark industrial and the alternative-pop side of APC.

The build up allows Maynard James Keenan to enter and take hold of your trance. Guiding you to the point where the drums come in and drops you off for the rest of the ride. It’s mixed in the same vain as the previous albums which is great. There aren’t any surprises on this song but it’s exactly what us fans wanted for almost a decade long hiatus.

It doesn’t seem likely that we will be seeing too much more of APC, they are releasing a compilation of their biggest hits, titled: Three-Sixty, featuring this one original. It is scheduled for release in mid-November of this year. But I can’t see how they are able to release a greatest hits compilation when they only have 3 full albums released… Oh well, that’s the music business for you.

As far as a new original album goes we better not hold our breath, what we can do though is wait patiently for the new Tool album to drop sometime next year.

I was happy to stumble upon this because I can’t say that I really enjoy country music. I was feeling adventurous I suppose. I usually go for the darker more soulful sounds of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, or Steve Earle.
Yeah yeah yeah they’re not really country. But you’re not going to get me to listen to Toby Keith or Garth Brooks. It makes my ears want to vomit. It sounds worse than it looks.

Daughn Gibson, the former drummer of southern metal band Pearls and Brass, got together a small band to try for a more country sounding art-rock sound. It reminds me a lot of Puscifer (Maynard James Keenan’s more recent project) with the modern minimalist drum beat, spacey guitar licks, and the female vocal swooning in the background. The song was performed on NPR KRCW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic earlier this month.

It’s quite an enjoyable tune but watching Gibson’s face while crooning was both humorous and painful.

Daughn Gibson

Look at it! Look at that scowl!

It’s not as bad as Garth Brook’s face and cowboy hat combo but close enough.

So let’s face it. I enjoy the instrumental more than the vocal styling but it’s still a good listen.