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Black Widow is set to be released on November 14th, 2014. Genre: Metalcore

Black Widow is set to be released on November 14th, 2014.
Genre: Metalcore

Take Lady Gaga, Slipknot, and a watered down Metalcore sub genre, mix it all up and what do you get? In This Moment‘s video for Sick. Atlantic Records’ new Pop Metal signee’s made their major label debut with this single from their latest offering Black Widow and boy was this slightly unexpected. The video is littered with all theming you would not come to expect in a metal music video such as scantily clad women and choreographed dancing. Did we mention that the band members look like they tried out for Slipknot recently?

Old In This Moment vs. New In This Moment

Old In This Moment vs. New In This Moment

                                                                                        Yes, gone are the brooding angsty Metalcore brats that looked too emo to be true. In their stead is a sleek shiny new Pop Metal monster that could seemingly be fronted by Lady Gaga herself. To their credit, the songs are as catchy as they’ve ever been, and the lyrics are still pretty much simple, the only thing that seemed to have changed is the appearance. Given their immense popularity one can only think that given the opportunity, any previously raw and gritty metal outfit would tidy it up once a major label steps in. Could this be a new thing for emerging “Pop Metal” artists to aspire too? If so, gods help us all.

Rarely do I tolerate religion in my music (something I’m trying to get over), but there are those select few artists whose music just warrants a special place in my heart. Orphaned Land’s ‘Ocean Land’ (off the album Mabool) caught my ear a few months ago and earned such a place. The band’s faith, and Israeli routes shine through in their music and quite honestly doesn’t bother me one bit. Why? The music just speaks, that’s why.

Orphaned Land's Mabool was released February 23rd, 2004 via Century Media Records. Genre: Folk Metal/Progressive Metal

Orphaned Land’s Mabool was released February 23rd, 2004 via Century Media Records.
Genre: Folk Metal/Progressive Metal

This song in particular is riddled with ethnic instruments that saturate the background providing a nice bed for the convincing ruggedness of the guitars to operate over. What hooked me, however, were the vocals of Kobi Farhi. The man can death growl with the best of them and can sing just as well, if not better. Be that as it may, religious artists often carry a rep for preaching at you. Their music is often viewed as a Trojan horse waiting to get behind the Atheistic/Agnostic barrier to spring brainwashing stories of miracles, God(s), and being saved etc, etc. For those of us who you who are of such conviction, you may want to steer clear of these guys. The band is pretty much unapologetic (as they should be) in the way they intertwine stories of their faith and religious lore into their music. The music should be enough to look past all that fluff, after all there is still enough metal here to satiate the most brutal of appetites. \m/


After 3 years of touring in support of We Are The Void, Swedish metallers Dark Tranquillity present us with Construct. 12 tracks (limited edition only) mostly consisting of the classic DT onslaught of dark melodies, catchy hooks, and enough twin guitar riffage to satiate almost any metalhead’s appetite. ‘For Broken Words’ and rifftastic ‘The Science Of Noise’ offer a nice one two punch to kick things off and offer a familiar aural face to the ears of long time DT fans. ‘Uniformity’ provides an early twist with its almost ballad-esuqe hook draped in the clean vocals of front-man Mikael Stanne. The energy picks right back up with ‘The Silence In Between’. Then the kings of the Gothenburg surprises the listener with ‘Apathetic’ that does well to sustain and build the pace with its thrashy riffs. What Only You Know’ is the second track to showcase off Stanne’s baritone singing as well as the band’s ability to tone it down mid-song yet “keep it metal” althroughout.

In an instant the pace picks back up with the relentless ‘Endtime Hearts’. The slow to start ‘State of Trust’ keeps the listener’s ear humble with a curious drop in tempo 3 quarters of the way in. It revs up in time to serve as a decent lead in to ‘Weight Of The End’, however, and we’re cooking with melodeath propane once more. Thing’s slow again with ‘None Becoming’ as it takes its time to kick in. One of the high points of the album comes in the form of ‘Immemorial’ as it waltzes in, flawlessly transitioning into an odd time signature and through a brief but spacious instrumental stint before finally returning back to melodeath mania. The album closes with an instrumental treat showing off DT’s industrial side and in-house programming talent via ‘Photon Dreams’. All in all Construct stays true to Dark Tranquillity’s strengths. The album survives attempts to explore DT’s softer side and overall provides for an entertaining ride for fans of the band. Newcomers may be taken aback by the constant roller coaster ride of energy but should be drawn back in by DT’s patented mix of friendly song structures, attractive melodies, and masterful guitar work.



  1. For Broken words
  2. The Science of Noise
  3. Uniformity
  4. The Silence Between
  5. Apathetic
  6. What Only You Know
  7. Endtime Hearts
  8. State of Trust
  9. Weight of The End
  10. None Becoming
  11. Immemorial (limited edition bonus track)
  12. Photon Dreams (limited edition bonus track)

Dethfrequency Says:The none deluxe (sad face) album is available on Spotify along with earlier records.