Local Spotlight – Black Table (Metal)

From left to right: Matt Mellon-Bassist, Mers Sumida-Guitar/Vox, Ryan Flemming-Guitar, and Michael Kadnar-Drummer

From left to right: Matt Mellon-Bassist, Mers Sumida-Guitar/Vox, Ryan Fleming-Guitar, and Michael Kadnar-Drummer

Pull up a chair and take a seat, Black Table is going to leave you with a full stomach and begging for more. With most of the tri-state area’s music scene still trying to free itself from the seemingly iron-clad grasp of the plague like “-core” wars, this quartet provides some incredible relief. Hailing from parts of upstate New York and New Jersey, Black Table took the metal scene by the ear and gave it a lesson in awesome with their 2012 EP, Sentinel. Black Table offers an attractive blend of Michael Kadnar’s intense black metal drumming, Matt Mellon’s jazzy bass work, and lush melodic guitar work courtesy of Ryan Fleming and Mers Sumida who also handles vocal duties.

Black Table was formed back in 2010 and have been going non-stop since then. There is an energy in the live performance that is uniquely organic, and when combined with their large aural presence, you’d be hard pressed to find a more engaging gig without BT on the bill. Their intoxicating sound has rewarded them with the support of this area’s music scene and the praise of various publications from Decibel Mag to Metalsucks. If you’re a fan of bands such as Agalloch, you’ll enjoy BT. The band is currently on tour with Downfall of Gaia and will be blessing NYC on the 16th of August at Spike Hill in Brooklyn, New York. Visit their site for more details on upcoming dates!

Sentinel EP

Sentinel EP

Contact Black Table: blacktableband@gmail.com

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