Author’s Background: Arkayem

I’m Arkayem (pronounced R-Kay-Em), musician, audio engineer, poet, your friendly neighborhood music critic and the self proclaimed (but unconfirmed) better half of Tonedeth. I wasn’t interested in music until the ripe age of 9, but since then I’ve taken to it like a stoner to a 10inch blunt. Way before that, however, I was bopping to the Temptations, Earth Wind & Fire, the Four Tops, and things of that nature. Shortly after I began Junior High, I transitioned into Hip Hop and Rap. In High School I picked up Rock and Metal music, before you know it I was running around in black finger nail polish and Tripp pants. That brings us to today, where I can safely say that my musical past has influenced my musical curiosity. While hugging the rock based genres mainly, I seek out artists that blur the lines between genres and sub-genres. Music is an untamed universe that I’m still exploring and I hope to present to you whatever I find interesting from each planet I touch down on…even the odd ball ones.



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