Author’s Background: Dethfrequency

I had been playing with the idea of creating a music blog for a long time. I’m a lifelong music enthusiast to a level of obsession that could easily have me institutionalized. Thankfully, in modern society I can get away with hoarding albums like a crazy cat lady and the SPCA won’t come knocking on my door looking to give my albums a better home.

I want to cater this site to giving independent and local artists a louder voice and better ways to have their music heard and shared. I am continually stumbling on to several in my own little area of Westchester, NY and I am making plans to expand our attention.

My Co-writer, Arkayem, will be focusing more on the NYC area and I plan to bring on a few more dedicated audiophiles like ourselves to break up any monotony and to widen our genre base.

I grew up on classic rock and the 90’s pop my mother left on the radio. It wasn’t until I heard artists that were stepping out of the paradigm that I truly fell in love with music. 311 is the first band that I was able to purchase one of their albums with allowance. I picked up Grassroots and fell hard for the thick basslines, clean guitar sound, and catchy melodies.

As I got older my preferences starting becoming more and more aggressive and I prefered it to be faster, heavier, angrier. My good friend gave me a copy of Metallica’s …And Justice For All in 8th grade. He may as well have handed me a syringe filled with military grade heroine because right then and there I became a metalhead. Metallica was my gateway drug to the realm of heavy metal. To be honest, at first, I had a lot of getting used to. ‘Screaming’ was still too much for me, I usually just sat through it until a more melodic part came in. Some of my favorite bands of all time were my favorite before I could completely tolerate the harsh style.

Next, I fell in love with Opeth hard and fast. Yes, it is as dirty as it sounds. My first album of theirs being Orchid (their first too). They completely blew my mind, several times over. I couldn’t believe there was a band writing such sad yet so mindbogglingly beautiful music. To this day I still consider Opeth to be one of my favorite bands and Mikael Åkerfeldt (guitar and vocals) to be one of my favorite songwriters.

I still didn’t consider metal to be my thing but the more I listened the more it grew on me. I began to crave the rough sound and the energy it produced. I became hooked for so long that eventually I didn’t want to listen to anything that wasn’t “metal”. I starting hating on bands I used to love because they weren’t cool or they weren’t “real” metal.

I had my moments being a metal elitist, it is empowering saying someone else’s favorite band is stupid or worse than your favorite band for some inane reason… But after I stopped isolating myself metal brought me into a whole world of unknown music. It taught me that I had to dig deep to find some real talent. It lead me to more progressive music and it made me want to be a musician. I wanted to have the talent and the creativity that I would hear on albums.

My horizons expanded as well as my mind to new artists and genres. I found blues, funk, jazz, folk, hip-hop, soul, reggae, and world music that met all of my new criteria of being “progressive”. I use this word very lightly. I do not think it describes a particular genre but rather an aspect of an artist. I believe that if an artist tries to expand their sound and take their craft to an art that is progress and therefore “progressive”. Changing the world one note at a time.

Okay, that was lame. I apologize.

I still take the time to expand my horizons. I am most recently getting into more electronic music. There are some great artists breaking the definition of the word “electronic” and now incorporate more of the “tools” of the trade and less samples which was always a complaint of mine with the genre. I may not understand the scene but I love finding innovative artists like Bonobo, Tycho, and Zagar.

The only genre I can honestly say I have issues listening to is country. Part of it is the twang of the singers, the silly drab content of the songs, and the whole conservative scene found among them… but I would like to find some great musicians in the genre. I do enjoy Mumford and Sons but they’re not really country, we all just pretend they are. Because of my aversions I do plan on finding a writer who can focus more on country on this page.

That’s me in a wordy nutshell. If you have any questions about my background in music, what I’m listening to right now, or just want to say hello feel free to message me on here.


  1. […] Author’s Background: Dethfrequency […]

  2. […] Author’s Background: Dethfrequency […]

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