Posted: October 31, 2013 by Dethfrequency in Song of the Day
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Yes, it has been a long time, my musical minions.

Now, being a metal head I found it would be too easy to post some scary and demonic music on here. I’m going to be taking the high road with some comedy. But it might as well be metal, considering the song is about torturing children. Hey, at least it’s funny?

If Cannibal Corpse can do it, shouldn’t everyone?

Stephen Lynch is a genius. His music is well written, well rehearsed, witty, crass, and overtly sexual. Not to mention he sings like an angel… who has seen some shit.

His albums as of late have gotten less humorous over the years but his career is more focused on teaching and doing Broadway. His debut was showing up Adam Sandler and improving on the Wedding Singer.

Hopefully your Halloween doesn’t involve any of the things Lynch mentions. But enjoy it thoroughly, none-the-less. Get scared, get bent, and get all sorts of intoxicated.. on candy.

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