Song Of The Day: 9/12/13 Like You – Evanescence

Posted: September 12, 2013 by arkayem1 in Song of the Day

Evanescence's 'The Open Door' was released September 14th, 2009 via EMI/Wind Up Records. Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Evanescence’s ‘The Open Door’ was released September 14th, 2009 via EMI/Wind Up Records.
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

No, your eyes do not deceive you, this is and Evanescence post…yes. Say what you want about Evanescence‘s sometimes bland and uninspiring music, but Amy Lee can write her heart out from time to time. When it comes to the most personal of subjects Lee doesn’t shy away, and this is too true in Like You from the band’s sophomore effort The Open Door. Like You was inspired by the death of Lee’s younger sister. There is nothing that gets to me more than songs that are informed by such powerful life experiences. Of course they have to be pulled off in a fashion that makes the song effective, but this isn’t a problem for Lee and the crew.

Usually I’d make the statement that the vocals are the highlight of a strong track, but not here. With that said, it’s not much of a knock of Lee’s vocal ability, it’s just that the focus here should be on the composition. For what it’s worth, guitarist Terry Balsamo, ex-guitarist John LeCompt, and ex-drummer Rocky Grey served as an excellent supporting cast in the songwriting/composition process. Amy Lee may be a serviceable writing talent on her own, but she lacked enough full vision and consistency to pull off songs that stuck. In Evanescence’s debut Fallen, Ben Moody was the majority that driving force Lee needs, and in The Open Door his absence is clearly felt. Make no mistake, this song is no ‘Hello‘, but with the supporting talent that helped produce this track it didn’t need to be.

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