Song of the Day: 9/7/13 Protest the Hero – Clarity *NEW TRACK*

Posted: September 7, 2013 by Dethfrequency in News, Song of the Day
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Our progressive brethren from the far off exotic region of Canadia has graced us with a new track from their upcoming album Volition which will be released later this year, October 28th.

It seems they have gone more for a catchy sound. Capitalizing on the two influences that single them out in the prog world, power metal and punk, the band revel’s in their sound without offering too much of anything new. Which can be jeopardizing for a genre that demands constant originality. We’ll just have to see how the whole album will unfold. You can expect a review once it is released. What I can tell is that it will be one seriously epic release and will certainly stand out in their collection.

Chris Adler of Lamb of God is on this track but if I hadn’t known before, I wouldn’t believe you. The snare is still very ‘protesty’ and his fills aren’t what I’m used to hearing with LoG. Which may be exactly what they wanted. I guess I still wanted to hear Adler tear shit up with technical lines on top. Which we will again, have to see in October.

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