Song of the Day: 8/26/13 Portugal. The Man – And I

Posted: August 26, 2013 by Dethfrequency in Song of the Day
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I have been listening to this whole album all day. I suggest you do the same. Excellent work from the experimental indie band Portugal the Man from Portland, Oregon.

Their third album, “Censored Colors” is one of my favorite releases and I’m generally not the biggest follower of indie rock. Aurally diverse and rich with composition and brilliant song writing this album is sure to excite you, put you in a thoughtful trance and nod your head to the infectious rhythms.

They cross many genres and blend them seamlessly. John Gourley’s voice changes dramatically from song to song, and sometimes verse to verse but their use of vocal harmonies only bring out their diversity. I recommend everyone give this album a listen and work their way through their entire catalog.

  1. LOVE Portugal.the man! Such cool music:)

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