Miley doing what she does best...making us wish she was still Hannah Montana

Miley doing what she does best…making us wish she was still Hannah Montana

Each year we’re saddled with MTV’s Video Music Awards, and weeks of being inundated with facebook posts, tweets, and all around gossip surrounding much andticipated reunions, outlandish performances, questionable fashion choices, and eye popping outtakes during the popular awards show. The 2013 VMA’s sure did provide much of the same this year, and has already taken the world’s social sphere by the throat. In 1999 the VMAs “blessed us” with America’s breast dressed rapper, 2003’s kiss, and 2009’s infamous interruption. 2013 now has a moment to call it’s own, thanks to former Disney sweetheart Miley Cyrus…cringe with me.

mtv-vma-2013The 20 year old former TV show starlet turned singer/provocateur has been the butt (pun intended) of a fresh new series of memes after her salacious performance Sunday night. Cyrus took the stage in a odd looking bunny leotard with giant stuffed bears that could also seen in her music video. If that wasn’t enough she continued by being joined by singer Robin Thicke to perform the god fucking awful single Blurred Lines, that’s wrapped in it’s own separate little controversy. The performance featured more of Miley’s “twerking” and less clothes as she felt the need to strip down to a flesh colored two peace.

Did I mention the widespread backlash? You know hell has frozen over when sane people can agree with a point made by Rush Limbaugh, but he was not alone in the media backlash. MSNBC’s Mika Brzenzinski went on a long and passionate shaming campaign on the morning show Morning Joe. Will Smith was also captured with his family during the performance…they were not entertained. The story overshadowed the more positive moments of the night including a performance by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Jennifer Hudson championing same-sex marriage. Sadly such things will more than likely take a back seat to the public display of senselessness Cyrus exhibited. Interestingly enough this is a perfect example of the state of the popular music culture. Performances/breakdowns like this are far from over, and there is nothing more appealing to the American public than a front row seat to a train wreck.

EDIT: Huffington Post decided to do some hard nosed investigative reporting into the picture of Will Smith and family and found that it was not as we all previously wanted thought it to be. Thanks, HuffPo.


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