Song of the Day: 8/6/13 Kimbra Johnson – Asleep In The Sea

Posted: August 6, 2013 by arkayem1 in Song of the Day
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Kimbra released her debut album 'Vows' On August 29th, 2011.

Kimbra released her debut album ‘Vows’ On August 29th, 2011.

I’m a sucker for great female vocalists. Combine that with my love for reverb drenched vocals and a seductive piano progression and I’m practically left with no choice but to eargasm. This tiny snippet of a song features vocals from the lovely Kimbra Johnson (known simply as Kimbra), a 23 year old native of New Zealand. The song is actually attached to an As Tall As Lions track called Lost My Mind from their album You Can’t Take It With You appearing about 4 and a half minutes into the track. You’d never know a non-American vocalist was on this track, as Kimbra sings effortlessly sans accent. Her indie pop niche shines through albeit subtly but enough to give the tune a down to earth quality while still managing to maintain the modern sonic polish As Tall As Lions presents on the rest of the album.

Kimbra’s voice makes this song worth skipping the entirety of the host track…no seriously. At the time this was released she was 19 and yet there is a maturity to her vocal lines that is remarkable. Emoting is not something you can really teach young vocalists but Kimbra nailed it as her simi-rasp just drips of the emotion needed to complete the listening experience. Her performance almost outshines the host track that precedes it, and there are many times I find myself skipping through the first 4 mins just to hear it. As Tall As Lions didn’t make a mistake attaching that snippet, and I thank them for it.

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