Friday Freebie #4

Posted: August 2, 2013 by Dethfrequency in Free Downloads
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Arkayem was busy this week to post your dose of awesomely free music because he’s out fighting crime or selling oriental rugs, we’re still unsure.

Free music, can’t get enough of the stuff? Well you’re in luck my friends, because below you’ll find links to some really awesome sounding music, courtesy of Just click the pictures below for a free download of a random track from the artist’s album. Enjoy!

More Late Night Transmissions with Jaya the Cat was released back in 2007 via iScream records.
You may know them from your local stop sign sporting one of their vibrant stickers.
Genre: Punk/Reggae/Hip-hop
The band is originally from Boston but now resides in Amsterdam. Where they probably feel more at home.

Trifonic’s Ninth Wave was dropped back in Nov 13th, 2012 on his own label Trifonic LLC.
Genre: Electronic/Triphop/Glitch

Michael “Iron Man” Burks released Show of Strength was released August 21st, 2012 via Alligator records
Just a few months after his passing at just 54 years old.
Genre: Blues/Soul

Dom Kennedy’s From the Westside with Love was released June 28th, 2011 by The OpM Company.
Genre: Hip-Hop

Daley’s Those Who Wait was released July 2nd, 2012 on Polydor Records.
Genre: Pop/R&B

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