Soosan Firooz is more than just a rapper, she is symbol of hope in the oppressive world of the East.  Living in Afghanistan means living under the oppression of an ultra-conservative and religious fundamentalist views. The Taliban is still a prevalent force in her area of the world and it’s something she must deal with every day. She says she receives death threats over the phone.

“Of course I am worried something will happen, especially when I am stuck in traffic or going out for a run. I am worried about it but I refuse to just stay inside my house.”

Her father, Abdul Firooz, has taken it upon himself to accompany her to her shows as protection, which could draw dangerous attention to her family. Where many of her family members have disowned Soosan her father has always supported her. He is proud and confident that what she is doing is right. He goes on to say:

“Let them threaten us. We can defend ourselves”

James Neil Hollingworth (a.k.a. Ambrose Redmoon) said that “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather, the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” Soosan’s bravery to express herself despite threats to her life and the safety of her family makes her a cultural hero. She is an icon to women all over the world who feel they must hide themselves or their ideas in order to escape ridicule.

She has created a music video consisting of images of her in western style clothing, in particular does not wear the traditional headdress. It is featured on the Afghan cultural website and has gotten a bit of buzz. Both good, and bad. She has many new fans in the US who appreciate her beauty and strength but glancing on the Youtube page featuring the video you can find several vocal enemies exclaiming:

“Fucking whore kill your self” and “Afghan women should all educate and sing cultural music and not slutty Persian culture were they try everything to be western people and are far more slutty whores then the west can ever be.”

These comments are not of Americans but of the Afghan region which sheds light on the cultural ideologies of sexism and hate.

She has been featured on Upworthy, The Guardian, Huffington Post, and NBC lists her as one of “Afghanistan’s Female Powerhouses” among the listed is Afghanistan’s first Air Force Pilot, Colonel Latifa Nabizada, and “Mother” Laila who opened a free shelter for the rehabilitation of Afghanistan’s many opiate addicts.

In a land where women are treated as possessions that should be barely seen and never heard, it is woman who must stand a change the way they are being viewed. It takes a hell of a lot of courage to do what Soosan and many middle-eastern women are uptaking but they will go down in history books as the ones who were brave enough to speak up and lead the women revolution.

You can like her facebook page here Soosan Firooz

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