Song of the Day: 7/13/13 Kayo Dot – Wayfarer

Posted: July 13, 2013 by Dethfrequency in Free Downloads, Song of the Day
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Today’s song goes to the beautifully strange Kayo Dot. Wayfarer good representation of their strange style. This song starts off slow like many of their songs and progressively builds out into a musical nebula of orbiting instruments.

Kayo Dot is an offshoot of now sadly defunct avant garde Boston band, Maudlin of the Well. This song is off of Kayo Dot’s first album, Choirs of the Eye, released in 2003. It consists of many “leftovers” written for Maudlin’s fourth studio album that was never finished due to several long-term members leaving. Driver makes it a point to mention that Kayo Dot is not a departure, but rather, a continuation of Maudlin of the Well’s constantly evolving direction.

In 2009, 8 years since the release of their last album, Maudlin produced the 5 track record, Part the Second, featuring only two of the three core members Toby Driver and Greg Massin. The album may not have been made if not for an extremely supportive fan who help fund the entire production.

Part the Second in its entirety is available for free listen or download here:

Their later albums are all featured on Spotify

Kayo Dot will be playing at Spectrum for night two of the Experimental and Prog Festival in NYC tonight at 9:30.

Tony Drivers is running a sale of pre-orders to help with Kayo Dot’s 7th album Hubardo on bigcartel.

It’s intended to be a concept album (how unlike them….) and is to be completed and shipped in October of 2013, digital versions may be available as early as August. Calling on producer Choirs of the Eye producer, Randall Dunn who has worked with Seattle drone doom band Sun0))).

There are several options available for the album with a deluxe 3 LP Vinyl with original artwork and including a poem written by lyricist Jason Byron. Other options include a large poster, stickers, a t-shirt. The best bargain seems to be the $15 high-res download option that has extra merch rather than the simple $14 download only.

It’s a great way to support such a unique band and ensure more and more material. We need to keep music like this around for as long as possible. Long live the independent artist!

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