Song of the Day: 7/12/13 Daylight Dies – Sunset

Posted: July 12, 2013 by arkayem1 in Song of the Day
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I am a big fan of a dark powerful melody, thoughtful chord progressions and meaningful lyrics that do not take anything away from the song…coughpsycosocialbyslipknotcough. With that said Daylight Dies never fails on all three fronts. They always seem to put together songs that are solid, and Sunset is no exception. This Doom Metal cut from the band’s most recent album is an example of what I believe to be the pinnacle of what cathartic music should be.

The intro is classic DD when it comes to their softer tracks. They give you a soothing intro bit, then a taste of the some heavy metal beauty that is to come right before they sit you back down for a little chat, so to speak. After all the introductory pleasantries the song kicks in and the rest is a ride like none other. It may be named sunset, but I always play it in the mornings during a nice plate of bacon and an omelet…what can I say, it’s a damn good track. Daylight Dies doesn’t get the amount of ears they should, instead when brought up in conversation they’re relegated to “isn’t that a Killswitch song? OMG I LOVE THAT SONG!“.

…my reaction.

Dethfrequency Says: This and many other of their albums are featured on Spotify.

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