Song of the Day: 7/7/13 Metallica – Blackened **WITH BASS**

Posted: July 7, 2013 by Dethfrequency in Uncategorized
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Like many metalheads their first introduction to metal is the mighty Metallica. And Justice for All was my first taste. It was a great album but what a shame it being the first to be produced after the tragic loss of bassist Cliff Burton. This would have been the first album to feature Jason Newsted but a bass track is mysteriously missing from the album…

But fear not! There are people who love music so much they are willing to improve on music that isn’t theirs. The Metalheads page on facebook posted this earlier and I just had to share it. This album was meant to have some kickass bass! maybe they were still grieving over Cliff’s passing and just couldn’t deal with “replacing” him on this album. But in my opinion it has some of their best tunes.

In an interview with James Hetfield at the 10 year anniversary after the album had come out he said “songwriting-wise, it was just us really showing off and trying to show what we could do. ‘We’ve jammed six riffs into one song? Let’s make it eight. Let’s go crazy with it.’ I listened to some of that stuff, and it’s pretty progressive”. They certainly pushed an envelop and made a fine piece of work, even if it was missing the most important part of a band…..

“Blackened” is the first track on the album and a fantastic lead into a whirlwind of epic riffs. I may have to do a sit down with this album soon, it has been too long. Enjoy and check out the other videos on the page. You can find almost the whole album with added bass tracks. All really quality stuff as well.


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