Review: Dark Tranquillity – Construct

Posted: July 1, 2013 by arkayem1 in Review
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After 3 years of touring in support of We Are The Void, Swedish metallers Dark Tranquillity present us with Construct. 12 tracks (limited edition only) mostly consisting of the classic DT onslaught of dark melodies, catchy hooks, and enough twin guitar riffage to satiate almost any metalhead’s appetite. ‘For Broken Words’ and rifftastic ‘The Science Of Noise’ offer a nice one two punch to kick things off and offer a familiar aural face to the ears of long time DT fans. ‘Uniformity’ provides an early twist with its almost ballad-esuqe hook draped in the clean vocals of front-man Mikael Stanne. The energy picks right back up with ‘The Silence In Between’. Then the kings of the Gothenburg surprises the listener with ‘Apathetic’ that does well to sustain and build the pace with its thrashy riffs. What Only You Know’ is the second track to showcase off Stanne’s baritone singing as well as the band’s ability to tone it down mid-song yet “keep it metal” althroughout.

In an instant the pace picks back up with the relentless ‘Endtime Hearts’. The slow to start ‘State of Trust’ keeps the listener’s ear humble with a curious drop in tempo 3 quarters of the way in. It revs up in time to serve as a decent lead in to ‘Weight Of The End’, however, and we’re cooking with melodeath propane once more. Thing’s slow again with ‘None Becoming’ as it takes its time to kick in. One of the high points of the album comes in the form of ‘Immemorial’ as it waltzes in, flawlessly transitioning into an odd time signature and through a brief but spacious instrumental stint before finally returning back to melodeath mania. The album closes with an instrumental treat showing off DT’s industrial side and in-house programming talent via ‘Photon Dreams’. All in all Construct stays true to Dark Tranquillity’s strengths. The album survives attempts to explore DT’s softer side and overall provides for an entertaining ride for fans of the band. Newcomers may be taken aback by the constant roller coaster ride of energy but should be drawn back in by DT’s patented mix of friendly song structures, attractive melodies, and masterful guitar work.



  1. For Broken words
  2. The Science of Noise
  3. Uniformity
  4. The Silence Between
  5. Apathetic
  6. What Only You Know
  7. Endtime Hearts
  8. State of Trust
  9. Weight of The End
  10. None Becoming
  11. Immemorial (limited edition bonus track)
  12. Photon Dreams (limited edition bonus track)

Dethfrequency Says:The none deluxe (sad face) album is available on Spotify along with earlier records.


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